The company is located in the industrial “dels Frares” within CENTER INDUSTRIAL OF MERCHANDISE (CIM LLEIDA) zone where the majority of the companies in the transport sector, packaging and distribution.

  • We have facilities of 5000 sqm, 3000 sqm of secure parking lot and 2000 square meters of industrial warehouse, suitable for storage and distribution both for general merchandise, and refrigerated.
  • Modern offices, managed by highly qualified staff at all times to meet the needs of our customers.
  • We have the latest technology and the most modern equipment and current market, thermographs last generation equipment (Trans-can2) and satellite control systems GPS (from which, our customers, from his office by a simple password may consult at any time and in real time where is its merchandise and at the temperature are traveling).
  • In our facilities also available washing system inside and outside of the refrigerator, repair shop, storage service, fuel supplier and customer parking.
  • We offer service storage in our cold storage which guarantee at all times a correct traceability of the cold chain.
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